Freeze Dried Gala Apple


Made in the USA with fresh, ripe Gala Apples. Freeze-dried Apples are just 100% apple. No additives, preservatives or added sugars. Light, crunchy and with the skin on, these slices will melt in your mouth. No mess or brown apples. A great healthy snack for all ages.

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We take fresh, ripe Gala Apple freeze-dry it ( which only takes out water ) and package it up for the perfect light, crunchy and healthy snack. We leave the skin on our Apples for 2 reasons. 1 because the skin is loaded with vitamins and minerals and 2 because it melts in your mouth. That is right ! No chewy skin, your apples turning brown or a pit to throw away.  These Apple slices crunch in your mouth, melt in your mouth and are bursting with flavor. This .6 oz bag of freeze-dried apple pieces are the perfect healthy snack for all ages.

  • Made in the USA
  • 100 % Apple
  • No additives, preservatives or added sugar
  • Resealable bag
  • Intense flavor
  • Healthy snack

These freeze-dried Apples are the perfect snack for on the go. Take them to work, school or a car ride. Take them camping. Put them on your oatmeal, your cereal, in a smoothie or for baking. Did you know you can reconstitute fruit ? and when properly stored can last up to 25 years!

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 3 in


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