Freeze Dried Blueberries with Vanilla Yogurt


Fresh and locally sourced freeze-dried blueberries with vanilla yogurt make the perfect combination for a healthy affordable snack. Take it on the go. With no additives, no preservatives and just 100% fruit you can’t go wrong with this treat.

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This is a .7 oz bag of fresh freeze-dried blueberries with with freeze-dried vanilla yogurt. Blueberries and yogurt is a powerful healthy snack. Freeze-drying gives you these benefits:

No additives or preservatives

A more intense flavor and taste

Light and crunchy

25 year shelf life ( when stored properly)

Retains 98% nutrients

The heart shaped vanilla yogurt melts in your mouth and pairs great with blueberries. We take only the freshest ingredients, freeze dry them ( which removes only moisture) and deliver them to you at an affordable price in the perfect sized snack bag.

These are great snack for all ages ! What a great way to introduce fruit into you or your children’s diet. This is a great snack for work, school or camping. Put in smoothies, cereal or dessert. A healthy snack for everyone.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 8 × 3 in


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